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Been a while, eh?

I put V's birthday fic to me up on my website and added some other stuff:

My new laptop has a program called Fresh Paint and I started messing around with it:

I want to put this on a shirt one day:

[personal profile] banrai:

[personal profile] snowhawk:

The Newest Eeveelution: Patreon (because [personal profile] netquiddler thinks he's funny...apparently this is what Eevee evolves into if you give it money every month):

I did this for Banrai when she was having a bad day:

AL how she would appear in Star Wars...well, ish. This is why I don't draw people. This was done in Photoshop.

A Fresh Paint Oddish for a friend on Facebook.

Magikarp in honor of the Magikarp Jump game I've gotten hooked on.

I felt the above pic needed a background so the white bits showed up better.

And the last 'Mon I did in Fresh Paint thus far: Pikachu.

The DLC for Breath of the Wild got released on my birthday. I did everything except the Trial of the Sword, because it's like an enemy rush with very little healing options. The farthest I've made it is the sixth room and when you die you have to start from the beginning so after a few tries I get frustrated.

I took my birthday off and slept in, but I didn't get to play BotW all day like I wanted to because Ed needed me to go to an appointment with him (his original doctor decided that he's not taking our insurance anymore so we had to find someone who would). The night ride on Saturday was cancelled and we wound up going to his friends' house and today I have to do laundry and stuff. I did the stuff with my website but I wish I had more time to write fic and stuff. With the new layout at work I can't do any writing in downtime, and with the new systems starting I doubt I'll have any at first. I'm a little afraid of what I'll find when I go back in on Monday.

I haven't watched the last two episodes of Doctor Who yet. Technically it's a 3-parter with the last one on Christmas, but I'm not going to wait that long. I heard that BBC America edited last week's episode down, but I haven't gotten confirmation on that.

I need to go start Antoinette's bath. Although she's out of school she has camp and still needs to get up early.